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Thanks. I had to google "pixel-peeping". I have no access to the photos on APUG, aside from those that appear as attachments. You've clarified--your experience is apparently much more concentrated to salvage color films as b&w than I initially gathered. So you've pretty well shut me up on the matter. I've just never been jumping for joy on D-76. I know Kodak called it a "general-purpose fine grain developer". And it was the standard stuff in any darkroom I ever was in. Like ketchup as the standard condiment on every table. I'm not a D-76 fan, but I can tolerate it, since that's about all Kodak has any more. Rather bland though. Bread-and-water for the prisoners.
Why don't you look at Pyro-HD or is it Pyrocat-HD ... something like that... it's apparently like Rodinal but finer grained, but it's a two chem mix, you mix the two before a run, I haven't tried it but I hear (and see) very good things. Don't be so disheartened, like I said, I've still used Roidnal 1:50 in standard B&W films Across100,Tmax4000,HP5+,PanF+,Panatomic-X, all with amazing results, I just haven't stand developed them 1:100, I've only stand developed 1:100 for C-41 ... so you can still consider Rodinal for regular development even if you don't want to do Stand... but as I said... get a CHEAP roll of something .. a cheap 35mm of foma 24 exposure is like $3 and a bottle of Rodinal (Adox Adonal) is $11-$13 ... get these and give it a try, fact, shoot 10 shots, then take 4 blank shots, then take the rest, in the dark cut the film in half, and develop one in stand and the other half normal 1:50 and see the difference, it can't hurt to run one roll through.... you can't be THAT poor.

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