I agree with StoneNYC in that Pyrocat-HD might be something for you to look into. You can get a kit from Photographers' Formulary or make you own with the chemicals. If you use Propylene Glycol for the stock it will last forever. It has two parts and is mixed 1:1:100 with the 100 being H2O so you can see it will go a long, long way. I have and still am using it and it seems to be a very forgiving, fine grained, high acutance developer. I'm still a rookie with it, but I have a feeling it will be my go-to developer in the future. Very nice negatives! I do know that if I had to pay the prices you pay I'd be looking for a good developer that lasts forever and goes a long, long way. Rodinal and Pyrocat-HD are my two top choices with Diafine running close.