I'm considering purchasing an F5.6 60mm WA lens. I have a modest meopta 6 enlarger presently using a Fuji 75mm lens. My 645 camera has a fixed 60mm lens.

Putting aside glass quality (I think other aspects of darkroom process are going to make much more difference than any subjective analysis here) I'm hoping to gain a little more ability to crop to help with compositional flexibility due to my camera 'limitations' at the 12 x 16 I'm set up for. And, much more significantly (I hope!) run the enlarger head closer to my base board to gain flexibility with (speed up!) exposure times on the slow papers I like. (otherwise I could just put a block under my column mount!)

Another option is to use a std 50mm lens as a cropping tool, but my experience so far is this is very fiddly with moving my negatives around in my carrier and a little irritating, not really an 'enhancement' to my hobby.

Althought the cost is relatively modest, it is close to the cost of 100 sheets of 8x10 paper and chemicals to suit (which is 'where' all my learning takes place) and, within my hobbyist budget, fairly significant.

I'm not really sure what I'm asking for, just comments on my thinking I guess. Maybe I'd get more benefit from just printing what I can, using other avenues for change and learning to use my percieved limitations as strenghts?