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In attempt to keep a tiring thread alive for some new direction. I was given to wonder if this Rodinal bit might have a use for salvaging outdated black and white film. Say, film marked for the early 90's and later. I would think anything earlier would turn out black in most any dresser-drawer storage. But how would you begin to calculate an ASA, even presuming you could get through a development process without fog kicking you over-the shoulder by 3 zones. What would 1992 Tri-X have as an ASA? Plus-X? Naturally I'd calculate 1992 Tri-X in 2013 at maybe 80. That's fair. So how about an hour in this Rodinal tincture? What if you glommed onto 10 rolls at once on ebay from 1997? or 2002?
With these questions I'm afraid I'd be stretching it by asking about Potassium Bromide.
You're a little off, Rodinal is definitely not the right developer for old film.

You need a developer that develops with really short times, it cuts down on fogging.

So thing like HC-110 with lower dilution mixtures like dilution (B) or Ilfsol 3

Both of which have super short dev times, 6 minutes or less generally. That's best for old films.

As far as exposure, assume 1 stop loss every 10 years (or so) if the film was only stored at room temp or hot temp the 10 year rule stands but if frozen it's probably a lot less. So a safe bet for Tri-x (400ASA) from 1992's would be EI 160.

Anyway hope that helped.


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