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You're a little off, Rodinal is definitely not the right developer for old film.

You need a developer that develops with really short times, it cuts down on fogging.
I have successfully been using Rodinal 1+100 to develop Kodak T-Max 100 that expired back in June 1995. I realize that is not terribly old as these things go, but it certainly didn't go out of date yesterday. My problem is not with fog but I am having to make adjustments to calm down the contrast. I am developing this film for 20 minutes in Rodinal 1+100 after a 5 minute pre-wash. I agitate continually for the first 30 seconds, then 3 agitations every 3 minutes after that. I have been keeping the developer temp as close to 70F as I can.

I have recently developed some T-Max and it seems to have turned out relatively decent, ignoring a couple rolls with black spots courtesy of a burned shutter curtain in my M6.

Rodinal may not be the first choice but don't write it off automatically. This old developer seems to be quite flexible and capable of handling lots of different tasks.

I am not necessarily a terrific photographer but I'll see if I can get some of this posted so you can make your own call.