Well, I see I may have confused things by not identifying myself by my userid or mentioning the postcard exchange 28--I'll do better next time.

Boxbrownie--we really enjoyed "Down by the Jetty" -- we played where is it before reading the back, and we concluded Thailand, so I guess we were at least in the same latitude. Really touched the wanderlust in me

Jim17x--we had the ducks hanging on the fridge and I decided something looked slightly off. Looking closer, we had it upside down! I am so pre-disposed to having to deal with weeds sticking up in front of my camera, it was my instant conclusion that was the same issue. Actually, it's pretty interesting upside down--I'm just going to have to wear my glasses more. I had the same problem with MattKing's "At the End of the Dock", which looked like some abandoned wooden boats I've seen in Louisiana.

Pipoca -- I really like the detail--I am a sucker for landscape and landscape details. I constantly have to tell myself to get closer. I know what you mean about the allergy to the tree--any time I prune our cedar-type bushes, I break out. I think there's an aromatic oil in them.