Remember with C-41 (and other x-processing films) there is a high amount of exposure adjustment. In my case Kodak Gold 200 shot at EI 50 and developed in Rodinal Stand 1:100 one hour, agitation 30 seconds then 3 minutes, then 20 minutes, then 40 minutes and 3 minutes before 1 hour (but very gentile agitation one inversion only except the 30 seconds). Shot on a 35mm Zeiss Ikon Continamatic II 1958 camera.

As far as "jobs" I shoot both digital and film, and really that's a hard answer to answer, I drive 3 hours to clients sometimes, but the travel cost is on them, I have a 3 hour minimum as a flat $400 and $100/hour thereafter + travel + film cost per roll if they choose film.

And for my own projects its all TFP.

But even though my name has NYC in it, I live in CT... I work in NY and Massachusetts/Rhode Island and of course CT.

But I don't do a LOT of jobs.

I honestly wish I lived out where you live, I think it would be easier to get work, there are too many photographers here... Locations cost too much etc.

I would like to see some of your work sir, 2-5 images you're proud of since we can't tell what you're looking for.



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