Happy to be of any help.

Regarding the handle and bracket: I hope that the price was really "right" for the camera and that you have no other issues ( see below ).

I suspect that obtaining the original parts would be difficult to impossible. A few years ago I tried to reach an appropriate person at Kodak in hopes that there might have been some boxes with parts for the KMV in some storage area or back room. No luck in finding anyone who might have been able to help.

However, all is not lost. Ari ( above ) graciously sent me a PDF of the parts list for the KMV. There is a template one can use in order to actually make a new leather handle. Moreover, I think it likely that a machine shop can easily make the attachment brackets. I suspect that Ari would forward the material to you as well-or, if OK with him, I can easily send you the PDF. Simply send me a PM with your personal email address.

I hate to ask, but I wonder: Have you extended the bellows to the maximum and checked for pin holes? New bellows are available, but can be costly.

Let's see if we can get you up and running and into the field taking photos!