Well, in addition to photographers, there'll soon be demand from a whole different group of people. After all, the main reason why Wittner does have this film in its catalog is that they are just about to offer it for motion picture use. Some of you might have noticed that in Wittner's catalog there are already mentions (however no prices yet) of Aviphot in super-8 and 16mm. There is real hope that it'll be offered in a lower price than the other color films available at the moment. Because it's reversal, it's something many small format users are most interested in -- after all, then there is no need to first digitize the film before being able to project it.

However, because of all this I wouldn't expect too much from Wittner concerning different film sizes. After all, they are first and foremost motion picture film company. But if AgX is correct about the changing trends concerning aerial film usage, maybe Agfa doesn't mind other companies having interest in distributing this film in different sizes -- provided of course that they order large enough quantity of this film?