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It's known that a 25% increase has been on the board for a couple of months now scheduled for roll-out in April. Currently retail for a roll of Velvia 50 is $35.90. It is accepted that this increase will place Velvia well out of the reach of many, many people at $44.80, give or take a few cents. There certainly won't be much take-up of RVP at that rate (not of the 135/36 format at least); three pros I correspond with are now looking at digital beyond Q3: "there is a limit to how much blood can be squeezed from a stone!". I agree. There remains a niggly bit: in December I thought Fuji had plans to discontinue two more E6 films this year, Velvia 100 (separate to the now defunct 'F') and Provia 100F; this was said to me in a pro-level retail outlet while discussing a Fujifilm Retailer Bulletin, though at this time nothing else has been heard, only the discontinuation of a couple of films/formats.

Oh well. I have sufficient stocks of RVP and RDP (bought online at a fraction of the retail cost) to see me out at least 12 months now.

35 dollars for a roll of Velvia? That can't be right.