The Jollinger table is suspect, different Weston speeds for same DIN between Europe and US?

Well I like the logic Chan Tran wrote in the first post of this thread:

He wrote: "For example, 400 c/ft^2 which is EV15 for ISO100 but dial this value in the built in dial I would get 1/130@f/20 which is EV15 and 2/3. Using Weston rated speed of 80 for ISO100 I would get 1/130@f/18 which is EV15 and 1/3.
It seems to get the correct exposure setting I would have to set the dial for ... 64 instead."

And I wouldn't mind clarification on the EV number for 400 c/ft^2 - I kind of remember from the enlarger-sensitometer thread it's not precisely 15...