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Thanks. I really don't have much of anything on this computer. Anything I do is film photography from going to an airshow, or driving around the countryside shooting barns, or such. No paying work. And when my last computer crashed and burned, I never re-loaded any of my negative scans back on this one. As for living where I live, you wouldn't find any work here--not like what you're used to. These people around here are poor ignorant people. Like what you'd expect to see on an episode of COPS or Jerry Springer or something. People like that don't buy photography. The closest metro is Charlotte, but English as a language is hard to come by there any more. I've only been on this site a short time. As time goes by, you guys will provide some inspiration, and I'll too, have some photos up. Til then, keep up the good work. Makes me think, even when I'm doing other things.
You'd be surprised, those kind of folks are great for models who are trashy, you can get some really crazy modeling images off of the lower class situations, not in any way that takes advantage in a negative way, but capturing that kind of life, really you can make money anywhere as a photographer you just have to figure out the local scene and what works.

Good luck and welcome


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