This is not good rsrs.


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OP might want to gain some experience with different paper and hone in some skills before using something like ART300.... This is not meant as an insult. But based on some of other questions OP asked, he may not be able to fully utilize a special paper like this.
Don't be so judging.

My questions may look silly at first sight but making silly questions you may learn some details about things you presume you know very well.

I have learned a lot and something more about what I already knew with my silly questions. And believe me, presuming some answers are too obvious to be asked or thought you may lose the opportunity to learn some details that can make a good practical difference.

Those who think they know enough don't evolve.

So don't be judging. If you what to know if I have try other papers and for how many prints I have done with them, just ask me. So you can give me better advises.