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Two questions

Is it ok to wash and dry my prints and the after have many prints toning them all together in order to save Selenium?

It may be ok with avarege papers but with ART 300 is it ok?
Yes it's ok to tone many prints in one session, but if you mean toning many prints at the same time in the same dish together, that's a different kettle of fish. To start with, prints can physically abrade each other. If you stack prints in the toner, you may not achieve complete toning with the prints lower in the stack unless you remove (say) the top print when it's fully toned. Don't try cutting corners; over the years I've found that trying to save time and/or money in printmaking inevitably creates more headaches than it solves!

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Also, How to make the print more or less sepia? Is it a mater of just washing more?

When you bleach the print, watch for the highlights to vanish, then remove it from the bleach and wash the bleach off. Now tone as normal and you'll see sepia in the highlights and upper mid-tones and blacks and greys in the darker tones. This is called split-toning; you can then tone the print in selenium, gold or another toner to have two or three colours in the print.

Different papers respond differently to toners; Ilford Multigrade FB takes on more subtle hue in sepia than does (say) Ilford Galerie FB. Toning in selenium toner reduces the intensity and changes the colour of sepia-toned prints. To make a print 'more' sepia, which i assume you mean to intensify the colour, bleach it fully. Washing prints post-sepia toning will not decrease the intensity of the colour!