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Coming down a bit from last time I visited, but still very high (1 x RVP 50, 135/36):

Fancy a 5-pack of Velvia 100F? Dig deep:

Nobody can make sense of these prices, which is why we stay away from these places! Online is the way to go.
Seriously dude, you gotta find another shop:
http://www.photographicwholesalers.c...film/35mm-film here in Adelaide are expensive for lenses, but provia100F 5pk for $25 (they do sell velvia but not listed on website).
http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/m.html?_o...at=0&_from=R40 via ebay in Sydney, 5pk of velvia100F 120 for $40, most expensive is 5pk of Velvia50 135-36 for $60.
http://www.blackandwhitephoto.com.au...ints/buy-films where i get my developing done, $13.45 for one roll of Velvia50 135-36. I was talking to the owner late last year, he said that he used to buy from Fuji Australia, they charged him more than that *per roll wholesale*, something like $16. So now he imports straight from Japan or I don't know where, but now he pays about $6-10 wholesale (i'm guessing) and sells it for $14.

That Vanbar place obviously are still buying from Fuji Australia. Ditch em.

(still, i'm going to stock up on a few rolls while I've got the freezer space.)