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Thanks for the welcome friends. I know what you're saying Stone, and I did that kind of thing when I was younger. Something happens when you get older--you don't want to even see those kinds of people any more; certainly not to spend precious film on. There is such a culture blight that it truly pulls down your spirit and sense of creativity. I'd really like to see some well-dressed quality people to photograph, but there are none. I ask you to imagine seeing fat, sloppy, redneck white trash, women in stretch pants with barbecue sauce down their sloppy t-shirt, and that's all there is. Not inspiring one bit. I can see why a lot of northerners hate the south, because it really is a struggle to find people of culture or refinement.
Finding barns and country scenery is getting harder too, because all that is being bulldozed at an alarming rate for big corporate farming. Frankly, while I am a southerner and a conservative, I am nevertheless in a perennial state of culture-shock myself. I shutter a bit at the thought that I am actually going to hit the "post" button on this one, because it is a bit over the border on propriety to this site.
Hey, the South doesn't have a monopoly on rednecks, trust me! I do see the divide getting wider between the North and the South and that does bother me a bunch. It seems there are many folks in the South that want to turn the clock of progress back and enjoy the, so called, good old days all over again. Trouble is those idiots forgot just how bad the good old days really were for 95%+ of the people. Well, that's if you didn't own a plantation that is. About the only thing I like from the old days are my cameras, cars and antique firearms in that order. Oh, and Rodinal! Can't get much old in photo related products than Rodinal. JohnW