As I continue to to try and get the control strips processed through my Photo Therm Sidekick into spec. A question has arisen in my mind. I know with BW developers if you don't pre-soak the film you should generally subtract about 15% of the development time off. Why is it that those who pre-soak their C-41 film don't have to change the development time to be longer than 3:15?

I ask this cause I am frustrated with continuing to have low HD values with blue being lowest in the HD-LD values-aims. I measured the temperature today of the chemicals being loaded into the tube of the Sidekick and discovered that (1) the pre-wash is heated to ABOVE 100F presumably to help heat the reels and film and that (2) I had to raise the temperature that the developer was heated to in the tank because somehow once it got pumped into the drum it lost a couple of degrees. So now I read it at 100F when it is in the drum. I processed fresh control strips (shipped overnight from Liberty Photo) after increasing the developer temperature a couple of degrees but STILL my values are basically unchanged. (See figure) My major options are to either (1) further increase temperature, (2) extend time.. seems I would need to extend by 15% or so, or (3) try again with freshly mixed developer, but this developer was mixed two days ago.

C-41 Control Strip Data.jpg