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Can you rule out? :

1. under agitation

2. developer not correctly mixed? are you using one shot or replenish?

3. Oxidation - I do not have experience with Photo Therm Sidekick but is there a way for you to check if you see air bubbles in developer tank?
The agitation is set by the Sidekick, I haven't measured the rotation rate, but it seems pretty adequate. It is also not something I can easily adjust.

The developer should be correctly mixed, I am using Flexicolor SM chemistry. So the developer is mixed by starting with 2L of water, adding the 3 parts (A, B, C) of concentrate in order, and then topping off to 3L.

Oxidation... that is a good question. I use the chemicals one shot, so they are poured into a Jobo bottle and then I have PVC tube plumbed from there up to the multi-selector on the back of the Photo Therm. (So it is not as sealed as it would be if there was no tubing and was airtight, but the chemicals were mixed fresh 2 days ago.)