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I personally think a condenser head is great for B&W.
Less things to go wrong vs. a color head with its power supply and internal filters, cams and gears. Especially if the manufacturer is out of the enlarger business, as is the case with Durst.

I've used VC filter all the time, and find them not to be a problem. The under lens setup the Bruce shows is even easier to use than dealing with a filter drawer.
Granted the color head is more convenient to just dial in the filtration.
I dont have enough use with the Dichro head yet to form an opinion but I agree with most of what your saying about the filters, gearing, voltage stabilizer etc. I did have to overhaul the head and source the mounting hardware which was a pita.

I have it set up pretty darn good if I do say so myself but it took awhile and I had to replace the entire bulb socket as these notoriously fail on the Omega Super (duper) Dichroic II. The entire process was a PITA but I made sure it was right.

That under the lens rig from the earlier D2/DII, did work well and I NEVER saw any image degradation but hey... I was green back then but I doubt you would notice any.

I can switch back to the DII condenser head if/when I abandon color work.