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Holy chit…your running control strips.
I applaude you. I wish I had the equipment to run such a tight process.

I'm doing personal work and running in daylight tanks so maintaining exact temperatures is a tough one in my situation.

I do presoak for tempering the tanks and reals and then run 3:15 with a replenished 1 litre working solution of Flexicolor DevReplenisher.

I HAVE thought of getting some test strips just for the comedy factor to see what I'm getting but…
ahhh the famous but, those things are REAL expensive.
I should've snatched the box I saw on eprey awhile back but even those got bid rather high.
Thanks for applauding my insanity. :-) I wish there was a larger community of people who regularly reported their control strip results so that I could learn from them.

If you wish I would be happy to send you a few test strips. They are not that expensive, about $1.25 per test strip.

I would really love to hear from someone that is getting in control results with a pre-soak and only 3:15 developing with Flexicolor SM chemistry. I suspect Photo Engineer might be the one with such data, so hopefully PE can chime in. :-)