I would love a few. I think the box I saw was somewhere around 65 bux which negated the idea completely

I am using the 5 gallon box of Flexicolor Developer Replenisher (it is not SM or RA)
I mix 1litre at a time and am generous replenishing and it's incredibly cheap to run in hand tanks (600ml?)

They have discontinued this 5 gallon size and went to a 20 lire size that I will check out when I need to reup.

I get good results with easy color corrections on RA4 (Omega SuperDuper Dichroic II head) and although I don't check with a densitometer the density looks good and prints well so….

Now this is obviously NOT the best scenario but i can guarantee I get better negs than what I would get anywhere around DC.

I need to sort out my Bleach (for future) but I have 5 gallons of Bleach III from awhile ago on deck and am running off another 5 gallon batch that gets split up and regenerated with the Kodak Regenerator. All I need to do is iron out the exact PH for the regen stuff and I'm good.

Im happy with the results and so are my clients although I don't sell alot of RA4 atm but it's not because of crappy quality.

I don't think running strips is insanity in your situation and I think it would be telling to see what I get.