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I would love a few. I think the box I saw was somewhere around 65 bux which negated the idea completely


Im happy with the results and so are my clients although I don't sell alot of RA4 atm but it's not because of crappy quality.

I don't think running strips is insanity in your situation and I think it would be telling to see what I get.
If you PM me I will try to get around to sending you some strips. I can probably get my act together and scrounge up a canister and dark bag to put them in sometime after easter.

Sadly I am not in a position to do color printing as I don't have access to my own darkroom, so I scan my negatives.

Here is a plot of the density of the patches of the reference strip vs. one of my test strips. This test strip was actually before I adjusted the temperature upward (I thought!) although I didn't see much improvement in the HD-LD and LD values, and hence why I am asking if my real problem is that a pre-wet means I need to EXTEND my DEVELOPMENT TIME.

C-41 Control Strip Curves.jpg

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate any data on what the exposure value of each patch of the test strip is so I have simply numbered the patches. I have omitted the Dmax patch as it is definitely a jump up in density, so that step is not uniform (I am assuming). You can see that the overall problem is a lack of development, so I think extending time might be the biggest help at this point.