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I recently sent two slides (E100G) to be printed. My photography group has a show coming up in a couple of months. These two slides of completely different subjects are supposed to go to that show.

I just got a call back from the guy at the lab telling me that one of the slides is unprintable. The film is damaged and is not repairable. The mark is in the center of the image. He can't crop around it.

No, the lab didn't damage it. I looked at a scan that I made before I sent the film out. The mark was already there.

I looked through my files to see if I had some backups or alternates. Nothing that I like well enough.

So, I'm left with only one image when I need two.

The guy from the lab sent me an e-mail the other day suggesting that he can make a second print of the good slide with a different crop.
He says he can make one the way I originally specified and he can make a second one, cropped closer in a vertical orientation.

I kind of like the idea but I'm not sure. It's a good way to "make the save" but I kind of feel like it will look stupid.

Here's the "good" photo with the original composition:

Here's the gallery where the exhibition will be:

Do you think it will fly?
Consider hybridising this in order to deal with the damage/mark. Prints that have been produced from damaged masters (negs/trannies) are rarely attractive in an exhibition; they might even be rejected (I have known judges and selectors do this).

If it were my pic I'd crop severely, as there is a lot of bland and unserviceable space around the key subjects — the girls. The image will benefit from tighter cropping in either the square or vertical format, so it is just the girls, the contrast of the sun on the water and the clouds, and no more than that.