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But why should they sell it for $800 like B+H can, when they can sell it for $1350, undercut rrp by $150 (10%), and still make a very tidy profit?
Well you've almost answered your own question. They shouldn't sell it for less that $1,350... unless they have to in order to preserve their market share. And they'll reach that point when someone else comes along and self-imports and sells it for $1,340. And then someone else drops to $1,330. And then...

Eventually they'll reach a point where they are selling it at the lowest price point they can, and still be covering their overhead and making a workable profit. That probably won't be $800. But it will be a lot less than $1,350 or $1,500. The only way they can continue selling it at $1,350 is if they are the only ones doing so.

And when it comes to high-priced film, the subject of this thread, we're now talking a short-term consumable. Not long-term hardware. So the warranty issue essentially vanishes. How many purchasers have ever discovered a defect in their brand new film and returned it for warranty service?