I was just going to suggest the exact acute matte screen Andy mentioned. It makes a huge difference. Also, if you are using the waist level finder, try an NC2 finder. I have an old crappy one with separation that I bought for $35 and it is still great. A prism of any sort excluded the light making focussing easier for me. I considered the Mamiya 7 when I got the hasselblad, but I like longer lenses and reasonably close focussing. I do have an autofocus Fuji GA645ZI that I do like for traveling light. It definitely won't last nearly as long as the Hasselblad, but for what I paid for my Hassy kit plus the Fuji, I definitely paid less than I would have for a Mamiya 6 or 7 kit. The very-limited-zoom (wide to normal) lens on the Fuji is equal to the Hassy lenses, but a stop slower. The only downside is that the zoom and focus are definitely noisy