A long-time shooter of black and white film (as well as - sigh - Kodachrome and Ektachrome), I confess to little experience with colour negative film. In fact, over the three decades that I have been shooting, I would (over) estimate to having shot less that 20 rolls of colour negative stock. So, here is my question: My nephew is getting married in June and asked if I would shoot the "candid moments" of his wedding (a professional wedding photographer, with d*****l, will be shooting the formal pics). Both my nephew (23) and his bride (25) are insistent that I shoot film (twist my arm, kids). The issue? He wants black and white (a mix of HP5/Tri-X and Delta 3200, depending upon the location), and she wants colour. So, what do I use? Do I push a 400 ISO film, when required, and hope for the best? Thoughts? Advice? Oh, and my nephew asked that I shoot with the Leicas "because they don't make any sound, so you won't be noticed when you are shooting people." An interesting remark, I thought, from a confessed technophile.