Ok, getting better at this. I shot a roll of 35mm Tri_X this time instead of 120. I found the 35mm much easier to load on a standard stainless steel reel rather than the fancy Paterson reel and tank that i have. Kodak Tri-X 72 8 1/2 minutes in D76 1:1, stop bath, fixed for 5 minutes, and washed for 20 minutes and finished with photoflo. Here's one of the images. "Scanned" negative with a D70s and Prinz slide duplicator. Shot 4 frames and merged in PSE8 to copy the whole frame. Inverted, cropped the edges, and removed dust, coverted from RAW to JPEG, no other manipulation. There is some uneveness in the lighting that is from the "scanning" process i used.

Kodak 35mm Tri-X2 by jmsnoopy650, on Flickr