I've been shooting a number of friends/relatives weddings. I used to shot with fixed lenses (35, 85, 135). The lens i used most was the 85 (planar 1.4) that can be used without a tripod with a 100 iso. When available Fuji Reala was the main choice. Now i use Kodak Ektar (100 iso) and kodak portra (160 iso). This is my experience. Consider i live in central Italy where marriages take place (mainly) from april to september when there's plenty of light (sometimes too harsh....) To be honest i do not know the light conditions up there in BC. If i were in your shoes i would just use a couple of lenses (a wide angle and a short tele). I think you're in a privileged position. No pressure to deliver a "formal" product, possibility to take pictures to a young couple that is, from a photographic point of view, a great chance. I think your dear old leicas will outplace the "official photographer" super digital gear.Enjoy yourself :-)