I've owned every model of the Box Tengor and while they seem to be build much better than most of the box cameras of their time I can't say the optical quality was better. In fact I'd take my old Kodak Target 616/620 or even an Agfa Sure Shot to the Tengor for picture quality, but that's just me of course. As for seeing some shots of "Ultra sharp textiles? Maybe in the very tiny center of the frame, but I rather doubt it to be "ultra" sharp. Now, I'll buy the smooth skin tones in black and white, but none of the Tengor's (10 or more)I've owned have been ultra sharp. They do make a pretty darn good portrait camera if you can learn to frame your subject. Oh, and of the ten or so Tengors I've had there have been some that delivered better picture quality than others even of the same model era. JohnW