Yes, you read that title correctly, BLACK.

Not very many made in this finish, get it while you can!

This one is in EXC+ condition, just a few very small points of wear on it. Otherwise, wonderful condition cosmetically and operationally.
I purchased this earlier this year from a local here in LA, and he had put NO film through it, just polaroids in a 545 back. I've run approx 20 sheets of film through it, I wouldn't even call this "used", more like "demo'ed to myself" !
The camera has the "standard" bellows installed, I am able to easily focus a 90mm lens on a FLAT lensboard, FYI.

Please see that I have added a few "modifications/additions"(if you consider them that) to the camera during my ownership:
A. Front standard/frame: I put (1) score line on each side of front fram to show "centered" point corresponding with top of metal frame
B. I penciled a few lines to show what "square" would be for each threaded hole on the sliding focus track(see picture in gallery link below)

I'm selling this because I have decided to leave 8x10, and use 5x7, but with a 4x5 back as well. I'm so fickle, don't flog me!!!
Please consult the pictures in the gallery(link below) to ascertain condition, I'm not hiding anything, its condition is wonderful!

Included in this sale:
1. 045N-2 camera w/ standard bellows + original g/g+fresnel lens installed
2. (1) Copal 0 carbon fiber Chamonix lensboard
3. Carbon fiber g/g protector (very minor wear, but very good condition)
4. Folding Chamonix hood (EXC+ condition)
5. Padded Chamonix wrap(grey color)

$1200 shipped in the USA via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail, both insured + signature req'd.
Int'l add extra postage costs over US shipping rates. Shipping outside USA via USPS Express Mail only.
Payment via USPS Money Order, a cashier's check drawn on a US-based bank(w/ 10days to fully clear before shipping out), or Dwolla x-fer(no fees to you, just me paying $.25 on my end)
Paypal only if YOU cover 100% of the fees incurred with such.

Gallery link to all pictures: