Hey all,

This is a toughie. I've really enjoyed shooting 8x10, however I've found that the enjoyment factor FOR ME isn't there as much anymore. So I've decided to step down to 5x7, and also continue to use 4x5 in parallel. I shoot primarily in color, so there is a cost-savings factor as well, since I don't make mural sized enlargements.

This "kit" consists of the following:
1. 8x10 Arca Swiss front + rear standards(front is 171x171mm)
2. Bail back is originally from a Cambo, but the prior owner(John Schneider, here on LFF) machined a plate to mount this 8x10 Cambo back onto the (non-modified) 8x10 Arca rear F-Line frame. THE REAR 8x10 STANDARD HAS NOT BEEN MODIFIED AT ALL FROM STOCK.
3. Arca Swiss(factory) Technika 96x99mm adapter board.
4. (2) 20cm rails
5. (1) 40cm optical bench w/ (3) adjustable lever locks(to adjust how tight the levers are)
6. (3) Copal "0" 171x171mm 13mm recessed lensboards *2 are pictured, the 3rd is loose, I forgot to include it in the pictures*
(2) are in the original plastic cases they came in when new barely used condition
7. (1) Copal "1" 171x171mm 13mm recessed lensboard. comes in plastic case barely used condition
8. 55cm conical bellows(factory Arca)

Overall, there is some signs of wear here and there. A bubble level or two are missing, I didn't find them accurate enough, so I've always used an Ebitsu card level to adjust the camera upon setup.
This camera has been used, but still has LOTS of life in it. I've used everything from a rented 150mm Super Symmar XL up to a 450C Fujinon, as you see it in the pictures.
Everything locks down smoothly and accurately, no issues that I've encountered.

All together, I'm looking for $4000 shipped in the USA
Int'l shipping IS possible, however costs via USPS Express Mail will need to be worked out if you're serious.
I accept USPS Money Orders, Cashier's Checks(10days to clear, just to be sure), Dwolla, or PayPal if YOU cover the fees.

*Just remember, this model of camera brand new retails for around $6500, so you can save a good deal buying here.


pictures of the camera "kit" can be seen here:


***Please note, only (1) bubble level is missing, on the rear standard bottom left corner. All others are intact and full of fluid as they should be.***