[quote="Darkroom ChromaCrafts"]marcello,
Another alternative, would be run you piece of paper through developer before applying it to the pinhole camera. Be sure to squeegee or sponge drips off of it. Then expose first for approx. 1/2 of exposure time, then let the paper sit unmoved in the dark for about 2 minutes, then re-expose for 2/3 the normal exposure time, then re-develop as normal. Apparently the pre-exposure lays down and intelligent mask for the remainder of the exposure which effectively lowers contrast. [quote]

I don't think I want my pinhole camera soaked in developer. next what if in that 2 minutes while you are waiting something moves? This might work for a graphic arts camera which is what DCC is using and everything is on a copy board but I don't think this is very practical for normal run of the mill pinhole work.