PEC-12 leaves deposits when it dries (spray some on something clear, let it dry, it's horrid), and is quite pricey. Even with the tiny drop it recommends.

It's a good solvent, but not as a final cleaner. If you use PEC-12, put the film back through some wash and let it dry to get rid of the PEC-12, though disposable soft gloves and gentle rubbing in the solution of a wetting agent is preferable imho to begin with. Mirasol 2000 Antistatic is good for colour, because it contains anti-bacterial/anti-fungal and anti-static agent.

Also do not use PEC-12 to clean developer tar off things (like it says it can on the bottle), it dries so damn fast, that it deposits it back onto other things, and in many cases it cannot be redissolved by anything, we have a big dark room sink with stains all over it from cleaning with PEC-12.

It cannot be revmoved by more PEC-12, HCl, Bleach, scrubbing, you name it.

I sincerely do not recommend this product.