Thanks again to all,

I'm nox back to France, and had a great time in NYC !

I arrived late on Friday evening, so I first paid a one hour visit to Times Square at night.

i spent about 2:30 in Central Park, then visited the MoMA (great images on display, including Bill Brandt's show), and finally wlaked down to the Flatiron and back to the hotel.

I was absolutely exhausted at the end of the day (therefore I slept well in the plane and the jet lag is manageable), but enjoyed every minute of the day. I chatted with several people who noticed the Rolleiflex and had good appreciations for it. The MoMA is wonderful, and I was lucky enough to arrive a the moment when I got my ticket in 30seconds, and enjoyed the photography collection with a limited number of other people. My visit to the sculpture/painting sections was less agreable, as the crowd had began to arrive 5amazing to see that many people filing for "The cry" or a Van Gogh, only to take a crappy image on their phone.

If I did well enough, I'll have some photos of these people taking images of paintings or photos...

Central Park by itself was also an enchantment, and I had to do myself violence to leave it to see sometjing else.

People in generalhave been very friendly during this trip, and I really appreciated this also!

I've been quite frugal, as I explosed only 10 rolls in the wek (4 on the beach in Fort LAuderdale, 6 in NYC)

The trip ended with a very nice time at the Newark airport security (no kidding) : the TSA team was very friendly and smiling, and even the manual inspection of my film was done with a smile and they gave me plenty of time to repack everything afterwards.

I even managed to bring 5 boxes of 4x5 Tri-X, for a very decent price, saving about 150 Euros in total...