I've recently decided to go back to my roots and build my own darkroom. I'm quite comfortable with 35mm cameras, but I've never tried medium or large format before. Having read quite a bit about both formats I've decided to try medium format first. I browsed the threads in this sub-forum, but I cannot find what I am looking for, so here is my question:

What makes and models of medium format cameras do you recommend given the following criteria:

- I would prefer a mechanical camera with as little electronic components as possible. Exposure meter is quite enough, I would also consider electronic shutter, but nothing more.

- my enlarger is Omega B600, so I am limited to 6x6 or 645 at the moment, with some preference for 6x6.

- I want to take the camera with me on our family trips, so something reasonably portable would be better. On the other hand my Canon F-1 is not very light either, so I can manage other cameras as long as they are good outdoor users.

- I am on a budget, so no expensive collector models please.

- ideally I would like a camera with changeable lenses

- I am going to use mostly B&W film

Thank you!