I've been lurking about for a while and then I decided to sign up as a member. This is a wonderful community and I am hoping to learn and discover many things here.

I've done my share of B&W photography in my undergrad years. I had my own darkroom in my parents' home. Then I moved and abandoned photography for a while. Then the usual story - digital etc.

I've been thinking about getting back to my photographic roots for quite some time now. At work I am in front of a computer for most of my day, so I cannot stand staring at a screen any longer in my free time. Also, I a somewhat concerned that my baby daughter and my family won't have any "real" photographs in ten, twenty or thirty years, as I do not quite believe in the assumed longevity of digital format. Besides, digital photographs are simply different.

I am interested in mastering not only the "classic" approach, but also some of the alternative techniques, especially large format plates etc. I think I will limit myself to black and white.

So here I am, eager to learn and start again...