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oooh--my eyesight is getting worse. Sorry. Stil would like to know though what's up for pos to pos color. From what I can tell, forget that idea. Just so you'll know, I have to turn my head up to see through the bottom part of my glasses, and take them off completely and squint for close-up. Movie film--got it.
Since you asked... Dwayne's still offers duplicate slides (from 35mm only) for US$0.50 and slides from negs, prints, or CD for US$1.10. It's on their "Prints from Slides" order form. http://www.dwaynesphoto.com/common/n...rom_Slides.pdf. I've noticed the places that send out to Fuji are now advertising on their "Specialty Film Services" that they offer slides from slides and negs, but they're charging more for it than Dwayne's.

I have no idea if this is an analog process or if they scan and use a film recorder. I'm guessing it's scan+film recorder though.