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Update on the Stylus: Finally got some free time this weekend to unbox the camera, put a new battery in, and put it in a fresh box for mailing to Sile tomorrow. The old box got crushed under a pile of stuff (long story - please don't ask), but it is ready to go again.

We'll alter the plan slightly to make up for the lost time: if the Leica comes to the end of its list, we will send it to whoever is on next on the list to receive the Stylus at that time. All of my screw-ups aside, we can still bring home these cameras by the end of the year.

Finally - my sincerest apologies to all patiently waiting on the second list!
Hurrah !!!! Thanks for your efforts!

When rotating the 2nd attached image, I see there is a also a "road book" with the Stylus ! Good idea.