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Thank you. Perhaps I should approach it in two stages then - first get a cheap camera with a fixed lens and then save for something else?
I think that might be a good way to start. Get your feet wet and see where it leads you. I bought a Bronica SQ-A in 2006 and have added several lenses and viewfinders and .... having quite a few bucks invested. It's my goto camera for my most serious work, but it's a handful - and ideally used on a tripod. I then added a Voigtlānder Perkeo II, a 6x6 folder with the Color Skopar, the better of the two lenses that came on the Perkeo. It folds to pocket size and is quite impressive for what it is. There is no metering and no rangefinder -- but also no batteries! I later added an Ercona II which is an East German Zeiss Ikonta with 105mm f/3.5 Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar, quite a respectable 6x9 camera (but also totally manual, no metering, no RF). But then another GAS attack brought a Yashica Mat 124g into the collection which has proven to be a very capable device. The TLR gives you ground glass focusing, and the model I have has a meter, but at the age they are (made circa 1980) the meters may not work, and were designed for the no longer available mercury batteries, so an adapter, mod, or patience is needed.

All that blather passed along, I agree that a TLR might be a good start. And it seems to get kinder reactions from the public!

My "active" collection and links to some results are out on PBase for the two cents it may be worth.