Dave, nice copy stand!

Sepia, it didn't occur to me until I read a few other posts after mine, a 50s vintage folder can be a really cheap way to get started and many have excellent image quality. I used my father's Kodak Tourist exactly this way before I got the Yashica. Now one thing you have to watch out for with these is 620 vs 120 film. 620 film was discontinued nearly 20 years ago and is hard to get, but it is the spools that are different, not the actual film. There are a lots of ways to handle this detailed in the threads here or just Google. Another option if you are handy is to mechanically modify a 620 camera to accept 120. This is often not hard to do and in the case of the tourist was an obvious superficial mechanical limitation cured by a dremel tool in about 10 minutes.

Now tell me how sad this is: when I dug the Tourist out of a box of other stuff in the basement in 2011, I found a fully exposed roll of 620 Verichrome Pan inside. I immediately recalled what was on that film, because I shot it in 1976 as a teenager. Once it was processed I was 100% correct. Talk about needing a life.