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I carried a gas can and said lets go get some gas and we got his car started. Sometimes book knowledge doesn't replace common sense. I think some MBAs couldn't run a Hot Dog Stand!
An MBA has a puncture and while changing the tyre manages to let all four wheel nuts roll down a drain. He realises that he might miss a very important meeting. He stands there distraught. A very unprepossessing stranger walks by and asks what the trouble is. The MBA explains and the stranger thinks for a moment says that if he took a wheel nut off each of the other three wheels he could secure the fourth wheel and drive carefully to the nearest garage for a set of wheel nuts.

The MBA is so overjoyed that he offers the stranger a lift home. The stranger says that it is OK as he just lives across the road and points to a lunatic asylum.

The aghast MBA says: "You've been advising me on a complicated technical matter and you are a certified lunatic!"

The stranger replies: " I am afraid so but at least it is better than being stupid"