Personally I do not see/understand the issue people have with "zoom creep."
A push/pull or 1-touch zoom is designed to both focus and zoom with one hand. As Mike said, with a push/pull zoom, the zoom needs to be loose and smooth enough to easily zoom, so you can do both follow-focus and follow-zoom. Heavy drag on the push/pull zoom inhibits the ability to follow-zoom.
Most all the push/pull zooms that I have handled are too TIGHT. And the tightness that some people seem to like would prevent me from doing follow-zoom. If you pointed the lens straight up and the zoom ring smoothly slid towards the back of the lens, that is how I like it. Unfortunately with the age of lenses, the grease inside is drying up and stiffening the zoom/focus ring.

BTW, I had a quote of over $200 to CLA a Nikon 80-200/f4 zoom. So a CLA is an expensive solution to the dry grease problem. Most of the expense is in putting the zoom back together and recollimating the optics.

Besides velvet is also used as a friction material.