What is your budget? With the price drop of film cameras, you can get pretty good gear for a reasonable price.
Example, I bought a Hasselblad 500cm + 80CF + A12 back for less than what I paid for a Nikon D70.
And you can get even better, I have seen kits of RB67 body + 3 lenses listed for what a single Hasselblad lens lists/sells for. But the RB67 is one of the bulkier and heavier MF SLRs.
A good starter is a TLR like the recommended Yashicamat.
I personally would not go with a folder.

One thing to keep in mind is that many of these cameras are quite old; 30,40+ years old. Unless you are lucky and get a camera that has been recently serviced, most will require a CLA (clean lube adjust) at some point, and that will add to the cost. Grease dries and gets hard with age. A 1-piece camera like a TLR will cost less to do a CLA than a multi-piece camera like a Hasselblad (lens+body+back). Approx $250 vs $500 ($200+200+100). Any repairs will cost additional on top of the CLA charge.