A medium zoom like the Nikon 80-200/4 (and others) do not have a tripod socket. They are hand held lens, they were NOT designed to be used on a tripod. To put any medium to long lens without a tripod socket onto a camera, you have to screw the camera into the tripod. The lens then becomes big lever, pulling down on the lens mount and the tripod socket, not good for the camera.

None of the push/pull Nikkor zooms that I have seen and handled, had a zoom lock on the zoom/focus ring.
Maybe some of the 3rd party lenses had suck a lock.

You can add grease to dampen the zoom mecahnism, but the problem is getting to the zoom mechanism.
I was quoted over $200 to CLA an 80-200/f4 Nikon zoom. Most of the cost was to reassemble and recollimate the optics.
Maybe other zooms are easier to access the zoom mechanism.