The film I'm bleaching in KODAK 7366 Tri-X Reversal (i.e. Black and White 16mm motion picture film) processed as reversal. The film has not, however been processed in the conventional manner. Instead of...

First Developer
Bleach (Dichromate/Sulfuric)
Second Developer

I decided to process the footage as such:

In-direct Toner
Bleach (rehalogenating)

...a reversal by toner sort-of-speak.

The process worked fine with a conventional ferricyanide bleach, but care had to be exercised so as to avoid having the bleach destroy the positive image. This is because ferricyanide does a poor job differentiating between the toned image and the untoned image (and for similar reasons, ferricyanide isn't used in color chemistry, which eventually led to the use of ferric ammonium EDTA...and so forth)

Therefore, I began using a ferric ammonium EDTA based Bleach-Fix's and ended up with this process:

First Dev
Indirect Toner

For the most part, I'm satisfied with the process, but for "less-than-scientific reasons," I was interested in keeping the entire process alkaline; specifically, the alkalinity of sea-water...