Sooner or later you will see, dodging and burning (and flashing) are more or less inevitable, wonderful tools and not difficult to use them in most cases either.

However, for these images I'd first try a soft-working developer, followed by a normal- or hard-working one. Since you live in Germany I'd advise you to make use of the excellent Tetenal developers: 2 minutes in working strength Centrabrom followed by 15-30 sec in Eukobrom or Dokumol. You could substitute these developers for any soft and normal/hard combinations; you could even mix the two developers into one, but this way you'll lose much of the available control. In the first, soft working developer a beautifully tonal, soft image will appear with calm highlights and significant shadow detail (if the negative contains it), then, in the harder working developer the shadows will gain punch: they will be anchored down to higher levels of density.

Super-easy and it should be great fun if you've never tried it.