In an effort to participate in the upcoming Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, I'm in the process of converting a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash to a pinhole camera. It's essentially a very simple matter to replace the lens with a pinhole, but there are two potential locations for the pinhole - which one to choose is my question.

For those unfamiliar with the Brownie Hawkeye, there is a flat glass plate located at the front of the camera to protect the shutter. Behind the shutter is the actual lens. The distance between the two is roughly half an inch, with the ~5mm aperture hole that is integral to the shutter in between. My plan was to place the pinhole where the lens was, but this means it will be behind the aperture in the shutter and about half an inch behind the front of the camera body. Would there be any reason to instead replace the glass plate on the the front of the camera body with the pinhole, and simply remove the lens? My concern was that doing the latter would result in serious vignetting, but I'm not sure if the former arrangement won't have problems of its own.

According to information I've gotten from around the internet, the ideal pinhole size for this application is 0.015 inches. My plan was to use a drilled brass plate with a #79 (0.0145 inch) drill in a pin vice.

I'm quite new to the whole pinhole photography thing, so any advice or suggestions you might have are very much appreciated. Thanks.