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China can't save film simply because they've basically skipped from not having a camera to cameras in cell phones. Why bother with a film camera when you already have a camera in your cell phone, and its quality is good enough for you? So they aren't buying a lot of digital cameras, either.

Kodak tried investing in Chinese film production, and then dropped it altogether and wrote it off the books.

(Personally, there's no point to sitting tight and waiting it out. Time to go shoot film!)
I see people shooting film here ALL the time here in Shanghai. Hell there are 4 or 5 stores that I know of that sell NOTHING but film. I am sure there are many more I have never seen. Also, there are thousands upon thousands of used film cameras in the shops here. All doing very decent business.

There is clearly a film shooting crowd here in China. Surely this should be cultivated and grown by the film producers. The sheer potential market in China is always amazing.