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The circled L denotes it as a commercial Ektar with "Lumenized" coating. Could this be an enlarger or projector lens?
I wouldn't think so. Quite sure it would say Projection or Enlarging on it even if not meant for the public. It's very similar in size to 35mm camera lenses. Retina/Instamatic/Signet.
Most Ektars and many lesser lenses were coated or Lumenized Think they just dropped the L at some point.
Turns out I do have a Signet 40. I forgot that this element was in a box next to a box with the Signet 40 so I picked up the Signet box as well not having enough time to check the Signet 40 for a missing element. Didn't belong. The Signet 40 is a cheaper camera than the 35 and you really can't even remove the front element on it ...i tried.

I'm still stuck on it being for an otherwise front element focusing "2nd tier type" rangefinder that was made to focus as whole and so they termed the lens Ektar instead of Ektanar
44mm f/2.8 Kodak Ektanar
How simple it would be.
But where is the camera/s?
Maybe it WAS an Ektar but needed a cheaper line

Space race camera? 7-10 years too early to compete against the the "ansco" autoset Rokkor 45mm f/2.8