Hi all, I've been really absent for a while, partly from keeping too busy, partly from some big life changes, as well as moving house. All that together with having no internet access (other than through the wonders of my modern phone!) and online communities have been an almost forgotten, but very much missed part of my life.

Anyway, long story short, I've got some colour film available for the cost of postage, or a donation if you're willing, or a cold beer if I end up dropping it in to you. I just find that I really haven't shot much colour film in a while, I have some dregs from project-specific purchases, and some I've been hanging on to in the hopes of doing something, but now that I'm without refrigeration to keep them in good condition, I'm probably best to pass them o.

So, here's the inventory, nothing breathtaking, and most now out of date, but all have been kept frozen since purchase, except for the past week, where they've been living in a dark cupboard in the back of the pantry. The only exception are the Kodak CE & Max films which were rescued from the Kodak offices where they were just sitting in a cardboard box, far from ideal storage, and have no exp on the cans.

Kodak Portra 160VC, 135-36, exp 05/2011 x2

Kodak 400UC, 135/36, exp 10/2010 x4

Kodak CE film, ISO 100, 24exp x8
Kodak Max 400, 12exp x10

Kodak Portra 400NC, 120, exp 08/2012 x2, exp 07/2011 x2

Fuji Velvia 50, 120, exp 09/2010 x4, exp 03/2011 x4

I've also got a couple old Superia 400's in 120 that have NOT been stored well!

get in touch guys, hopefully we can get these films out there and into cameras!